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Near  to Sttutgart in city Zuffenhausen, the construction of a new paint shop for the German manufacturer Prosche began. Our company has received an order to perform electroinstallation of KTL, VBH and accompanying systems like wastewater and RO. The works will include a comprehensive installation, starting with the montage of cabinets, through the construction of cable routes, making connections, and commissioning of the installation. The first people from our crew are already in place since two weeks.
We hope that in the near future we will be able to show You the progress of our work.

In recent months, we have completed several projects with differentiated volumes.
One of the major projects was to move the painting line of car seat components from the ADIENT factory in Świebodzin to the new production hall in Mór, Hungary. The project was carried out in cooperation with EISENMANN. Despite the slight mechanical delays in the implementation of the project, test production has already started. In the same factory of the ADIENT concern in Świebodzin, at the beginning of the year, installation works were finished in the construction of a new painting line.
In the meantime, other projects were implemented, among others, for WINKELMANN, MONTAPLAST, LINDE, LEADEC, LERNERTECHNIK and FRAUENTHAL.
In the near future, our company will also perform an electroinstallation of the BA loading machine system for the AGROSTROJ company from the Czech Republic. The company deals in the production of agricultural machinery. The system will be used to operate the painting line.
On 13 th June 2018, our company changed its business rules. By way of optional transformation of a civil partnership into a public company pursuant to art. 26 § 4 of the Code of Commercial Companies, the company changed its name to Automatyka Przemysłowa s.j. Dariusz Łobejko, Rafał Raszewski. All other important aspects, such as: office, correspondence address, e-mail addresses, staff, etc. remained unchanged.
Thanks to our hard work in the industry, over the years our clients have associated us also under the abbreviated name of APSC, at which we remain.
In the last months our company has completed several projects.

As we previously reported, our company has carried out the project at Prosche storage in Sachsenheim. The work was completed in the planned deadline, and the system of the german company ABERLE is faultless.

Our team also appeared at the factory ADIENT in Świebodzin, Poland. In collaboration with the spanish company Autelec Technologia, work has been done on the construction of a new line of car seats for the US manufacturer, which annually supplies its products to more than 25 million new cars. Employees participated in VBH systems (preparation of metal surfaces for painting), KTL (cataphoretic painting) and oven building.

At the Volkswagen factory in Września, Poland, work was completed on the modernization of the KTL system for the Crafter transporter model. The system has been modernizated with a specialized paint spraying nozzle, which is designed to provide even more quality coverage for the car body. This is an innovative device delivered on special order by EISENMANN GmbH.

Other projects realized during this time include: VBH modernization in the BMW plant in Leipzig, repair of the electric scissor lifts for Vario Shuttle trucks also in BMW Leipzig, modernization of the filter press in Prosche Zuffenhausen, construction of cabinets and control panels for local factories.

Work on the repair of the SMS-MEER sawmill at the Department of Continuous Copper Casting in Huta Miedzi Legnica are starting in this month. Our company is responsible for disassembly of the electrical system, renovation and reconnection. Huta Miedzi Legnica is a part of KGHM SA, the world leader in the mining and quarrying of copper deposits on three continents (Europe, North America and South America). This is another of the projects implemented in the area of ​​HML. Previously we made modernization of the electrical installation of the anode casting node at the Copper Refining Department.
We are glad to inform You that works on the expansion and modernization of Prosche storage in Sachsenheim, Baden-Württemberg are going to begin in this month. There is the Porsche's main logistics center in Germany. Porsche belongs to the German concern Volkswagen AG. Expansion of warehouse is going to be builded in the EPB (Elektrobodenbahn).
The scope of project is planning of electrical installation, electromaterial supply, electroinstallation execution, measurements and documentation, I/O check and electrical diagram correction. Project is going to be executed together with Eisenmann GmbH and Aberle.
Recently, our company get order for replacement of the electroinstallation VBH system at the BORBET plant in Kodersdorf. VBH is system for cleaning raw car equipment (rims) and preparing them for further painting routes. Some part of e-installtion have been destroyed due to chemical vapors escaping around the troughs. The order includes a revision of the installation, replacement of damaged cable connections, construction of new full stainless steel tracks and reconnection of electrical equipment during the production break.

Beginning of this this year strated for our company from a nice amount of modernization. We have participated in several projects with modernization of production systems in various factories in Poland and abroad, for example Vestas in Lauchhammer and Borbet in Kodersdorf.

Vestas is Danish producer of wind turbines, being the world's leading tycoon since more than 100 years. Company provides comprehensive solutions in wind energy plants all aorund the world on evey continent. Plant in Germany was adapted to produce one of the world's long wings in the world. As a result, it was necessary to adapt the transport system to new conditions, both technically and safety system.

In the Borbet Koderfsdorf Factory the painting system is being modernized. The system is adapted to the needs of the German customer, coupled with the increasing demand for Borbet products in the world.

We continue to work at the Volkswagen GoA factory in Chattanooga, supervisioring electrical work. We forgot to inform that we finished project in Hydac factory in Sulzbach/Saar. In scope of the project was full execution of painting system (transport and process) for high-pressure tanks. Pint shop is reconstructed after fire in 2015. On site at the company headquarters we still produce control panels for mining machinery and heavy industry.

We want to invite You to contact with our company.


Behind us is another successful year for our company.

The main project completed by us was the electrical installation in flagship plant BMW in Munich, as we reported earlier. In December, started trial production models of the BMW 3 and 4. Also, throughout the year, we were present in the factories of Volkswagen in Chattanoodze and Alfa Romeo in Cassino. The production lines at the factory VW United States for years pulls one of the most iconic German car manufacturer by Volkswagen, Passat sedan, and the latest models, Volkswagen Atlas. In the factory Alfa Romeo are produced Giulia and Giulietta and soon the latest model SUV Stelvio. All tasks are carried out in cooperation with the German company Eisenmann.

The last time we get projects in the tanks factory in Saarbrücken, Germany, near the border with France, and in the factory of the Borbet Kodersdorf, also in Germany, near the Polish border, for expansion of installation of e-Cube. Our staff are already in place and perform assigned tasks. In the meantime, we have achieved a number of smaller projects and continue our permanent jobs.

We hope that this year will be a good continuation of the second part of the previous.


Cause of the upcoming Christmas, we want to make the kindest wishes to all our employees and their families, business partners, customers and those who visit our site. We wish also the happy New Year 2017 and prosperity in the coming months.
Automatyka Przemysłowa s.c.
We are glad that we can inform You that we received the new order for realization of electrical installation in a new paint shop BMW. The project contains construction e-installation for  Base Coat and Clear Coat painting in BMW plant in Munich. The factory is located in the heart of the Bavarian metropolis and is one of its most recognizable symbols. Contractor is our friendly partner company Eisenmann GmbH. The scope of work includes the construction of routes, lining of cables to connect external components installation and start-up of production. The installation includes air filtration system of impurities paint E-Cube, intermediate oven between painting cabins Base Coat and Clear Coat and other system elements.
You can find here more about Eisenmann Paint Shop Systems.

Petuelring 130

80809 Munich



New paintshop is being built in Volkswagen Group production facility, located in the Chttanooga, Tennesse, US. The company Eisenmann, which is the main contractor, decided to entrust our company supervising of electrical works. The plant produces a Volkswagen Passat. The factory is the first and only car plant, which won the Platinum LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).


Our company won an auction for the delivery and implementation of a complete automation system control for sorting machine organized by EPPO sp. o.o. in Wroclaw.
The system is designed to provide efficient and flowing control line for the unpacking of expired food, as well as the separation packages from organic material to its crushing and pulverization. The technological line will be located in Brzeg Dolny in Lower Silesia. The project is co-financed by the European Union within the framework of Measure 1.5 "Development of products and services for MŚP," Support for product innovation and process MŚP Regional Operational Programme for the Lower Silesia 2014-2020.

Eppo Sp. z o.o.
ul. Godlewskiego 5
54-609 Wrocław
tel. + 48 605 856 466
Automatyka Przemysłowa s.c. wishes You and Your Family,
all our contractors and befriended companies
a very happy Easter that is filled with plenty of love and happinees.



Main part of the project at the factory FCA FIAT group in Piedimonte San Germano is completed. The production lines began descend bodywork of the Alfa Romeo Giulia. There are ongoing minor modernization works ordered by main contractor.
During the New Year holidays a group of our employees did works related to the reconstruction of the cabinets in the paint shop of Volkswagen in Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA. Upgraded cabinets are mostly part of the process associated with body waxing. There are already several more modernization works in calendar for the coming period.
We build all the time in our workshop control cabinets for drilling machines. In cooperation with electricity store KUBA we create specialized control systems for drilling machines. Boxes and machines are designed for use in harsh environments and are used mainly in mining industry, but they can be used in other industries.
We hope that soon we will be able to share with you some other good news.

On order of Eisenmann GmbH, APSC is going to do modernization of the electrical cabinets in the factory of Volkswagen. Work is sheduled for 20.11.2015-27.11.2015 on the occasion of the Thanksgiving.


Volkswagen Group of America

8001 Volkswagen Dr

Chattanooga, Tennesse



Since August 2015 we are executing project in FIAT Cassino plant. The project contains building of electrical installation for transport buffers and drying ovens in modernized paint shop. Automatyka Przemyslowa s.c. is cooperating with Eisenmann GmbH in realization of this project. Additionally our company works on modification od electrical cabinets nad installation.

Via Area Fiat
03030 Piedimonte San Germano, FR

There is an end with a stage of construction of transport lines in the paintshop of Guardian plant. Guardian Europe is a leading producer of glass elements for the Automotive sector. The factory in Boleslawiec will produce plastic parts for car body (bumpers). This is the second investment of company in Poland. In Czestochowa, the company has a glasswork.


AUTOMATICON is the most important trade fair for automation, control, measurement and robotics in Poland. The mission of the event is to promote new technology and solutions for industry, through this our macro branch of industry that plays crucial role in economic growth. Every year we have good occasion to see new products, software, components and measuring devices, as well as the most attractive for many - complete applications.

See you in Warsaw at EXPO XXI, Pradzyńskiego str. 12. 1-4 April, 2008. Opening hours 9 am-17 pm, Friday 9 am -15 pm. Entrance is free.